Off to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen!

We are pleased to announce that our parent company, IDT Systems, has been recognized as one of the top companies in the United Kingdom for international trade. IDT Systems has had bestowed upon it the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise. It … Continued

Vicky Yorke Joins Case Station Collections

  Vicky Yorke is the latest British designer to be included in Case Station Featured Art Collections. She is a surface pattern designer, illustrator and product developer working from her home studio in the Worcestershire countryside. She has a wealth of experience designing … Continued

Marc Doyle for Case Station

  Case Station is collaborating with Marc Doyle to add colorful and eclectic designs to the Featured Artist Collection found within “Our Art” in the designer. Marc Doyle designs offer London icons, Volkswagen® illustrations, retro drawings, aliens and a slew of other fun graphics … Continued

How To NANO Case!

  Two Looks. One cutting edge design. Nano case by Case Station. Designed using one of Earth’s strongest natural shapes and nanotechnology, the Nano case hexagon construct delivers ultimate protection to your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. How to NANO … Continued

Anne Keenan Higgins & Case Station

  For the fashionista at heart, Case Station proudly introduces designs from Anne Keenan Higgins to Case Station Collabs. The whimsical illustrations lighten the mood and reflect those with fashionable and lighthearted personalities. From the Trendy New Yorker to a … Continued

You and MU Studio

  Case Station is proud to launch the MU Studio Collection by Sebastian. The collaboration between globally recognized Case Station, and MU Studio, ensures the ever growing content behind the brand offers something to suit every aesthetic. MU Studio’s expressive work can be placed on a … Continued

How To Start Seeing Stars

    “Astrology is the art and science of determining trends in a person’s life based upon influences conferred by various celestial points and bodies. These trends have shaped human history, determining the timing of everything from the planting of … Continued

Richard Noldin & Case Station

  “When people look at my work, I want them to love the colors and to wonder how it was made.” – Richard Noldin   Case Station has collaborated with artist Richard Noldin to offer his inspiring designs on smartphone cases. … Continued

Northern Whimsy Designs

    Case Station recently introduced vibrant Northern Whimsy designs to customize smartphone cases like iPhone and Samsung. Jess, the artist behind Northern Whimsy, is a connoisseur of color. The palette and creatives she offers exude a sense of fun and whimsy. From … Continued

You, Thomas Paul & Case Station

    Bold, graphic and colorful describes the ThomasPaul Collection for Case Station. The cheerful prints are the perfect complement to any smartphone. Our collaboration brings zebras, whales and other animals to life on each case. Thomas Paul offers designs to suit every personality giving every customer the opportunity … Continued

Designs For You By Marcela MacLaughlin

    Case Station is now collaborating with artist, Marcela MacLaughlin, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her exuberance for patterns and color is apparent in each design, as is her adoration for ancient craft and textile techniques. Each design brings to life the … Continued